Graduation Project: Trainstation Touchpoint

Jij zorgt voor de mobiliteit van Nederland

Jij zorgt voor de mobiliteit van Nederland

Een baan met verantwoordelijkheid

Een baan met verantwoordelijkheid

Een opleidingstraject en begeleiding

Een opleidingstraject en begeleiding

Summary graduation project

Happy passengers are at the heart of our strategy at NS. Our daily business is so much more than just operating a reliable train service between two stations. It is all about providing control and options for the complete door-to-door journey. At the basis is providing a seamless journey, but to excel we provide a variety of options in the journey – not only with regards to modalities but also in the facilities our stations and trains offer passengers.

Along the way, people want to feel in control, enjoy an attractive, personalized experience and have the freedom to use their travel time as they seem fit. Our challenge for the future is to deliver a great door-to-door experience that is sustainable and can cater for a strong increase in demand.

Today’s station touchpoints (ticket vending machines, gates, service desks and service & alarm poles) offer a wide range of services that meet today’s needs of our customer. However, we expect that interactions with these touchpoints will change in the coming years due to the increase of passengers’ digitalization and new interactive technologies.

During this graduation project you will come up with a design vision for the touchpoints on our stations for the next 5 – 10 years. You will collaborate closely with internal teams and cocreate with these teams as well as with external stakeholders. Please be aware of regulators and regulations in the public domain of stations; your strategy must fit these requirements as well.

This is why you choose to take on this assignment

  • Look behind the scenes at the largest and longest serving public transport operator in the Netherlands.
  • Come on stage with us and take pride in providing services of which everyone holds a pronounced opinion.
  • You provide a new vision which we can use to improve the service to our passengers by setting a long-term goal our teams will work towards
  • Although we have a common objective, the road to get there is not clear and we will set this out together during this assignment.

How it works

Our team, Functional Cluster Operations is part of the ComIT-organisation: Commerce and IT. As FC Operations we are responsible for the physical design of the assets of NS (the design of our trains and station touchpoints). From research we know that the physical design has a significant impact on the passenger experience. Aspects that come together are user-friendliness, accessibility, branding, robustness, and efficiency. You will focus on the station context of the future: what touchpoints are necessary to offer all our passengers the best seamless (and inclusive) experience? At the start of your assignment, we will work together to scope and focus your project.

Hier ga je werken


You will be part of a small team consisting of a researcher, industrial designer, and service designer. We work both from home as well as from our office in Utrecht. In line with corporate guidelines, you are welcome to spend as much time at the office as you like. Of course, when taking on this assignment, we’d love to see you spend time between and with our passengers, at stations, in trains, talking, observing and co-creating the vision for our stations physical touch points

Dit zijn de functie-eisen

About you

  • In terms of education, we as you to follow a study in the fields of Industrial Design or something similar.
  • The level can be both HBO and WO. Together with you we will adapt the assignment for the level required by the study.
  • Duration of the project is around 6 months.
  • Knowledge and experience of design methodologies like the VIP method is a plus.
  • Start date in consultation.
  • It is expected of you that you can work independently but also raise questions to anyone. You are not afraid of hierarchy and dare to tackle issues when they arise to allow your assignment to succeed. You can address these issues at the level where they can be tackled fastest: whether this is at the team or executive level.

Dit zijn de arbeidsvoorwaarden

Doing an internship at NS means that you are doing your part in the world of sustainable mobility. You are part of an organization that is at the heart of society and that sets the Netherlands in motion. For you as an intern this means:

  • An attractive internship allowance between € 350 and € 500 net per month.
  • Apply your learned theory and knowledge directly in practice.
  • Taking steps in your personal development.
  • You learn to push your limits.
  • Good, careful guidance.
  • The opportunity to register for our JongNS association, where you can get to know other NS employees and the various NS business units.

Solliciteren naar deze baan

And? Did you get excited?
Apply directly via the application button. You will receive an automatic application confirmation within a few minutes. We will let you know as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks, if we invite you for an interview.

Any questions? Call the stagedesk on 088-6713633 or send an email to [email protected]

Good to know:

  • We think it is important that everyone who works for us feels at home. You can see this in everything we do, and therefore also in our hiring policy. 
  • A background check is part of the application procedure.
  • With this vacancy we want to recruit our new colleague ourselves. This is therefore not a call for acquisition.

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